The Lost Book of Remedies™ Review :
Can You Use Claude Davis’ Book To Grow A Garden Full Of Medicines?

It’s a wonder how people underestimate the healing powers of natural plants and herbs and instead choose modern medicines and techniques. There is no question that modern medicine works to treat diseases. However, when used for long, these drugs have proved over time that they can be poisonous with their side effects. Also, these pills and injections can cause dependence when used over a long time.

Traditional healing methods use herbs and other natural ingredients and therefore don’t cause any dependence or side effects. Instead, they boost your overall health and treat you holistically. So why do people shun them? The reason is that people don’t have information about which plants can treat what.

Fortunately, The Lost Book of Remedies™ attempts to bridge this gap of knowledge by giving the most comprehensive book that contains a list of all plants and herbs along with the diseases you can cure them with.

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What is The Lost Book of Remedies™?

The Lost Book of Remedies™ is a 318-page book that details more than 125 medicinal plants to treat any kind of condition. The guide will teach you how to identify these plants when you are in the wild, how to grow them in your backyard, harvesting techniques, and generally how every part of the plant can be used.

The guide also includes step-by-step recipes complete with dosage and application instructions, just like you get when you buy prescription drugs. Note that even modern drugs use the same basic compounds that are found in plants and herbs, only that they contain high levels of chemicals.

The Lost Book was so-called because it uses the techniques that have been forgotten since the advent of modern science. The ingredients, herbs, and remedies used in the past aren’t as widespread as they were in the past.


How Does The Lost Book of Remedies™ Work?

The Lost Book of Remedies™ doesn’t just work as your guide to improved overall health, but also provides a means to preserving these tried-and-tested natural healing techniques.

It works to support a healthy lifestyle and natural healing by using natural plant extracts, concoctions, and plants to provide relief. After you learn how important natural healing is, you will appreciate its benefits on the body.

The guide is comprehensive and contains lots of images to help you identify the plants that are being discussed. Most of the plants that the author presents in the book are closely related and can pose a problem with identification especially because they have similar features.

However, the author provides clear photos to remove any doubt when it comes to identifying them. The guide also contains step-by-step instructions on preparing natural remedies from these plants and herbs. With a guide that is quite easy to understand and follow, anyone can prepare their medicines without being a specialist.


What Will You Learn in The Lost Book of Remedies™?

Claude Davis teaches you not only about the plants that have the strongest medicinal value, but also how to identify them in the forest and grow them so you can always access them in case you or your family member feels sick.

You will discover natural painkillers, cures for skin infections, and antibiotics, as well as plants that supply your body with important nutrients for a healthier life.

You will learn how to prepare medical concoctions from these plants and how to apply them including the right dosage and frequency. This is in terms of step-by-step recipes for each plant.

The author reveals some special herbs and spices that if you add in your food, will not only prevent diseases and keep you hale and hearty but will also ensure you have overall good health.

You will learn how to preserve the medicines you have produced to ensure that you or your family member can finish their doses when it is still in a good state.

The author teaches you of the various natural remedies that don’t just heal your current ailment but also helps to prevent future attacks. Most modern treatment methods study symptoms before diagnosing them. With the Lost Book of Remedies™ however, the target is the root of the problem. This means it flushes the disease from your system completely.


Benefits of The Lost Book of Remedies™

Easy Identification of Plants

The Lost Book of Remedies™ program contains high-quality color photos of the most potent healing plants that are native to North America. The author teaches you about new plant species and those that you already know but didn’t have any idea they had medicinal values. Also, the author tells you the important traits to help you be sure you get the right plant.

You Need Not Be Knowledgeable in Plants And Herbs

The Lost Book of Remedies™ is still incredibly important even if you don’t have any plant knowledge. The author has written the guide in an informative and simple manner. It contains the medicines the author’s grandpa used to treat people and there is no doubt you will benefit a lot from it.

The Author Teaches You About Different Plants And Their Medicinal Properties

You could already be having these medicinal plants right in your backyard but you haven’t got the slightest hint. You might even consider some of them as weeds! The knowledge you will find here will open your eyes and you will start appreciating Mother Nature for her healing properties.


The book is backed with a surefire money-back guarantee so you are sure you are not taking any risks.

The guide is available in both digital formats and printed versions. It’s your call to choose which format you want.

It imparts you with special skills that might be life-saving to some people.

It promotes natural healing.



  With more than 300 pages of information, the guide might seem a bit overwhelming. However, this is also good because it shows the author did some research in putting up the guide.


Who is Claude Davis?

The author of this fantastic guide is a guy named Claude Davis. He reckons that people are too quick to go to a pharmacy or see a doctor the slightest symptoms of a disease. While he doesn’t dispute the fact that conventional treatment approaches work, he points out that these methods come with deadly side effects that may even be fatal.

Moreover, he argues that these treatment methods are just too expensive. That’s why he has taken the time to create The Lost Book of Remedies™. This guide reveals the most medically-potent plants in North America that can cure almost all diseases.

These plants offer safe cures as they don’t have any side effects.


Verdict: Is It Worth Buying?

There is no answer to this question other than a resounding YES. The guide is the most detailed book you will find about nature’s finest cures.

Not only does Claude Davis gives you a list of these plants, but he also teaches you how to make medical concoctions out of them and apply them in the correct dosage and frequency any time you or a member of your family is sick.

Also, you will learn how to collect these plants in the forest and even how to grow them in your backyard. On top of this, it comes with a solid money-back guarantee so you don’t take any risk by trying it.


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